Become a legend among players with your Rider ID

RIDE 3 will be a real immersive and dynamic gaming experience. The Rider ID is the latest idea from the development team to keep you updated on your personal gaming statistics.

It will also allow you to compare your results with those of the other players who populate RIDE 3’s tracks.

Your Rider ID will consist of four specific indicators.



Once you have created your own pilot, you will begin your rider adventure and your Rank will be set to level 1. To increase Rank, proving to be the best, you will have to accumulate experience competing in the challenges of Career Mode, Online Races, Time Challenges.

Win challenges, take part in competitions and challenge other players to gain more experience and climb the world rankings.



Show off your style, made known by others for your favorite type of bike. Combine your favorite bike and track with your Rider ID.

In this way, it will be possible to understand on which track a player can give the best of himself and with which bike he feels more confident.



The Rider ID will always be updated with detailed statistics on the games played. The statistics will help you greatly improve your driving skills and give you the opportunity to evaluate your progress and compare your results with those of other players.

If you have the Rider ID of a friend or another player, you can compare the statistics so you can find out more about him. This is very useful if you want to organize a strategy for the next challenge against him!



The diary will be the place where you will collect all the events of your career, the trophies obtained, the challenges or the events completed. The diary will accompany you and your rider in every phase of the game, so after some time, you can remember all the companies completed on RIDE 3.

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