RIDE 3: customize your bike and your rider

Racing on the bike of your dreams is an unspeakable feeling, but it’s even more exciting doing it with the bike that you have personally customized.
RIDE 3 will provide you with all tools to transform every model in your garage. In fact, customization has a central role in RIDE 3 and can be carried out on various levels.
But let’s proceed with an order; it all starts with the Customization Menu.

From the Customization Menu, you can access the purchase and assembly functions of additional components for your vehicle. Some components will modify the performance of your bike, to allow it to face even the most difficult challenges; other elements, on the other hand, will only change aesthetics. Creating your customized bike will be even more fun once you understand how to take full advantage of the Livery Editor.

Once you have selected a new element for your bike, it will be automatically assembled and ready to be tried.
Now comes the best part: which components can be customized? Below is the complete list, each element will have specific sub-categories. After all, the secret of a unique motorcycle is a small detail.

Engine: Exhaust, ECU, Air filter, Tested preparation, Friction reduction, Racing pistons, Bielle racing, Crankshaft balancing, Valve tuning, Motor oil; but also specific elements like VCU, Cooling system, Electric motor, Battery just for electric bikes.
Transmission: Chain, Quick shifter, Gearbox.
Brakes and Suspensions: Brake discs, Brake calipers, Brake pads, Suspensions.
Appearance of the motorcycle: Mirrors, Grip, Brake cables, Handlebar, Steering plate, Brake and clutch levers, Plate and arrow removal, Barpad (supermoto motorcycle only), Handguards (supermoto bikes only), livery.
Wheels: Rims, Tires.

Also, do not forget that you can upgrade some basic models to a Racing or Supercustom version.
At this point, you will be ready to get on track, but do not forget to choose the style of your Rider!
The customization process also extends to the Pilot, not only because you can change some physical connotations of your avatar (sex, beard, hair, etc.), but especially because you can choose the three different styles of clothing (Street, Racing, Supermoto or Casual for when you relax in your loft) and define your personal driving style.

Elbow on the ground
Shoulder out
Body out
Old school

Collect your bikes, Customize it following your style, Race and proves to be the best.
RIDE 3 will be available on November 30th for PS4, Xbox One and PC/Steam.

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